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The project was initially imagined, designed, and supervised by, Professor Jon Hanson and teaching fellows Kate Epstein (’13) and Phil Hill (’13).

In addition, the following individuals and institutions have played a major role in implementing the Frontier Torts project since 2012:

  • Samantha Caravello, Deena Greenberg, and Oded Oren for their pivotal role in helping to re-imagine and refine the project in 2013;
  • Kimberly Hall for leading the effort to create the Frontier Torts website;
  • Adam Chu, David Langlois, Ashley Pierce, Jess Rios, Tito Thomas, and Bilguun Ulammandakh, for designing, creating, and tweaking the website;
  • Greg Allison, Steve Foote, David Langlois, Jay Rainha, Nick Scotti, and other members of the HLS’s Media Services Department for recording and editing the Frontier Torts videos;
  • Habin Chung and Evelyn Zheng for taking and sharing their photographs here;
  • Diana Tomezsko for a variety of significant contributions, including editing, creating a feedback survey, and researching legal pedagogical experiments from which this effort draws inspiration;
  • Matt Barno, Peter Bruland, Louis Fisher, Aaron Frumkin, Lauren Greil, Margaret Hazuka, Ryland Li, Nick Purcell, Carolyn Ruiz, for helping to refine and standardize the content on this website;
  • Chloe Bush, Carol Igoe, and Susan Salvato for administrative assistance;
  • Jacob Lipton for his direct help and indirect assistance (through the Systemic Justice Project) with planning and carrying out the Frontier Torts events;
  • The remarkable Section Six students (Tort Ballerz (’15) and Ninja Tortles (’16)) for devoting extraordinary energy and time to this project; and
  • Harvard Law School for encouraging and supporting this effort.

For more information, contact Jon Hanson at hanson@law.harvard.edu.